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Why Photography? Why Golf? Why Details?

I have loved photography since my first SLR camera in high school. Advice from some of the photographers I admire is to shoot everything, but specialize in something.  For me, that is golf equipment.

As a golfer, I appreciate the crafstmanship that goes into creating each club. And as a photographer, I try to get in tight and capture the details, the lines, the angles, and the features of each club that make it unique.  Most equipment photography focuses on the brand name – for obvious reasons – creating wide, full-club shots that don’t alow us to truly see the clubs for what they are.  Art.

I’m more interested in the details. The curves, the lines, the milling marks and the materials.

Details are everything. I bring this same love of detail to everything else I shoot … from liquid photography to food/beverage and everything between.