How it went

Great range session today, one of the best I’ve had in a very long time. For whatever reason, my hang up is taking it from the indoor hitting bay to the range. And of course on to the course. But today was a different story. I managed to work my way through the bag hitting solid shots with every club, even the driver.

Some keys for me:

  • Solid setup, back to being a bit closer to the ball and more upright
  • Start back completely connected and quicker. Got to be quicker
  • Feel like I’m keeping pressure against the right leg and a bit more weight on the front at the top
  • Dont move my head off the ball
  • Drive down and forward from the top
  • Drop the hands down in front of me
  • Swing on through

Divot pattern was better, Swingbyte numbers were better from a speed, tempo and attack angle perspective. Most importantly, the ball flight was fantastic. When I followed the keys above, the strikes were crisp and pure and flew for days. As I got to the end of the bucket, I noticed I was reverting to old habits and so I was hitting it fat. I need to stay focused on every shot.

I was hitting wedges better than I ever have. Right at the pins and good distance control. Same with the irons, even the longer irons. This swing feels like I leave more weight on the front, but in looking at video, I’m actually just getting into a more proper position and driving with the body better. The more I “feel” like I’m loading up on the left leg and pushing against the right, the better. It keeps my head stable and keeps me from swaying which is giving me much better contact. And I’m forgetting about the arms and my inside takeaway for now. Yes I need to mess with it and get it more neutral, but I can worry about that later. This is a natural move for me and I’m comfortable with it.

The swing is a FADE swing, without question. I still have a tendency to close the face and hit pulls and pull draws/hooks, but the majority of these shots were straight and slight fade, or 5 yard fades. I’ll take it, as long as its consistent.

But overall, it was just great to get out there and hit quality shots at targets with a variety of clubs. Helps the confidence. I just need to stick this out.