Over the past few weeks I’ve been working hard on my swing. It feels like a year ago where I’m trying to make a major change in my swing and I’m just getting as many swings in as posible to break old habits. When I execute the new-ish swing, the results are excellent. A more penetrating flight, a nice draw, better balance and just a crisp strike.

Been focusing mostly on keeping my head still and not overswinging. I’ve been moving way off the ball and thats a recipe for inconsistency. I’ve also been investigating why I’m swinging to the inside taking it back and then coming through. I finally realized that I’m not lifting my arms at all. Obviously, I don’t want to lift them too much, but I’m so flat and inside that I almost dont have a choice but to reroute over the top to get to a better position. When I’m on, I’m on. But I want more consistency.

Focusing on these points…
On the way back, raise the left arm slightly instead of keeping it pinned.
Stop backswing when shoulders stop
Grip the club a bit lower
Give the arms a bit more room
Start the swing with upper and move naturally into right side.
Start back down from a more centere position
Swing left feeling like the handle is lower thru impact and end with a balanced finish

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