Simplifying my swing thoughts


After a great week in Florida, a tune up with Corey, and some indoor practice with the Swingbyte and SloPro, I can finally say its time to simplify my swing thoughts. So here they are…

  • Keep my posture more upright. I get too bent over, pull up the shoulders
  • Keep my head as still as possible. My shoulder turn will happen without help
  • Turn into a braced right leg (setup with knee slightly knocked in and braced on inside of leg). The still head makes this almost automatic.
  • Keep my posture and knee flex
  • And let go on the downswing, thinking about keeping the club low through impact as I extend

About Me

I'm the Vice President of Digital Innovation and Mobile, which is probably the coolest job title out there. You can learn more about my work in emerging technology on the About or Work Pages.

As for this site, it's a place where I can jot ideas down and share some of the stuff I'm working on. The views are my own and some of them might not make much sense, but hey, that's part of the process. I'm also working toward being a single digit handicap golfer, so I post a lot about my golf game.