My Tune Up

Another great aspect to River Strand is getting a chance to have Corey take a look at my swing. After the day I had yesterday, I was all messed up. I had shot 78 early in the week, had a chance to shoot low during other rounds, and yet yesterday I couldn’t hit anything. I had chalked it up to being tired and fatigued, but that wasn’t really it.

Corey is an excellent instructor and a great player in his own right. Its too bad I don’t live down here, because I’d work with him often. He only needed a couple of swings and he pinpointed two massive issues with my swing. 1) My posture was too bent over. So he had me pick up myself up. I instantly felt better and started to hit better shots. 2) Stop moving my head.

The last one I was aware of, but not to the extent he saw. One thing I had seen in my swing lately was a movement of my head to the right to finish my backswing. I thought that was OK, but hated the way it looked. But on the range, Corey insisted I keep my head still, which forced me to post more into the right leg. It felt great on the range, but produced mixed results. We didn’t take video, BUT we did go out on the course.

I had a chance to fill out a foursome of the pros at RS. Great guys. But they are pros and I’m not so I was a bit nervous. We played blues, which eased my tension a bit. On the first tee, we called 2 off the tee because most of the guys didn’t have a chance to warm up. I was the only one to hit the fairway on the first shot and not take two. That felt great and its a story I like to tell. But more importantly, my round with those guys confirmed that my game is coming along and that I can play longer tees like Blues or courses at 6600-6800 in length. It proved that if I get my ball striking a bit more consistent, I can hit shots that look and perform like real shots. And it proved that I need a ton of short game practice. That is where these guys really shine. They are magicians around the greens. Yes, their ball striking is fantastic and I really enjoy watching them hit beautiful baby draws with a perfect trajectory. But they save strokes around the greens.

For me, it solidified what Corey wanted me to do. I hit a couple fantastic iron shots and rives, by focusing on keeping my head still and my posture upright. I didn’t lose distance not coming off the ball, in fact, I probably picked some up. But more importantly, my swing felt much more simple, turn back and turn through. It produced results and thanks to this round and the instruction Corey gave me before, during and after, I have the confidence to own my swing, keep my swing thoughts simple, and keep improving.

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