After the 78, I was pretty excited to get out and play. Unfortunately, the course is closed on Christmas Day. After working out, I noticed nobody was on the short game area at the range and I jumped at the opportunity to practice. I spent an hour.

I started at the chipping/pitching area. I love this place. Man, I would be an awesome short game player if I had access to this every day. I planned for this and brought a bag of B330s so I could see what actual balls will do around the greens. The usual range balls roll out way more than the balls i play on the course. Nobody was out there, so I could work on long shots, short shots, whatever I wanted.

I was going to putt, but a couple people showed up so I started home. But I had just received a new RBZ fairway wood for Christmas, so I tried to find an empty hole to test it out.

I felt like a pro. I had the hole to myself and dropped down about a dozen fairway woods. I ended up with a nice tight dispersion of 6-8 shots. A few went wide left and right. But it was a lot of fun to test out a new club on the actual course. I played the next two holes and got to the par 5 3rd. I peppered a drive leaving me 240, with the wind slightly at my back. I hit the new fairway wood and went in the water, but hammered. I might’ve been aligned that way. I dropped another and again, water. I dropped the third ball (all these balls were crap balls) and flushed one to the back of the green, flew it 240, bounced and checked up in the soft conditions. I think its clear that I like the new fairway wood.


Tight dispersion with the new wood

Nice consistency with the new fairway wood

Empty Range

I would be out here every day if I lived close

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