My Round

Well, I think I can say I have the tools to shoot in the 70s on a regular basis. Now I just need to stop making huge mistakes and wreck my score. I shot 86 on a challenging pair of courses, Trib/Sanc. I had 11 pars which might be the most pars I’ve ever had in my round, BUT I also had two 8s. And those 8s were stupid.

I was swinging the club really well today and putting well. Aside from a four putt on the first hole. Although to be honest, having Andrea and my sister in law yelling at me from the street as they drove by didn’t help. But I had numerous one putts which saved me.

Lets talk about those two 8s. #9 Tributary, a hole which will bite me again later this week. I took a hybrid off the tee and pushed it with a little fade, over into the water. Penalty. My drop and short iron approach, boom, penalty. Now I’m steaming mad. A par and I shoot 40 on the front. Now I’m looking at a 6. I should’ve just settled down and focused, but I was upset. My next shot ended up in the bunker. Getting out took me 2 shots. Theres your 8. I need to relax and let shots go. I need to let expectations go.

I turned around and parred the next 4 holes with GIRs in 4 of the next 5. I 3-putted #5 and got a bit frustrated, but what can you do, I moved on. Took a 5W out of my bag because we were playing from the whites. I should’ve taken driver. I hooked it left a bit, hit the path and was behind the tree, so I took a penalty and drop. I took a 7i from the rough, from what I thought was 160yards. I flew it long and bounced through into the hazard. I was standing on the 150 marker. Thats an 8i. Had I slowed down, I would’ve realized that. Theres another 8.

Ended up parring the last two and shooting 86. 86 is a good score for me at River Strand, but it could’ve been so much better. It could’ve been a sub 80 round. I need to relax and let shots go. Stay focused and not rush.

But it was an awesome day of 36 holes. Always fun playing golf with Chris.


Tributary Par 3 5th

One of my favorite and usually challenging par 3s at River Strand. #5 Tributary

The fairways are gorgeous

The quality of the course and the turf is unreal. It hurts (and feels good) to take a divot

Sanctuary #3

Tough shot. 168 yards over water to a tough, elevated green. Flushed a solid 6i

Stunning views and a perfect day

Perfect afternoon at River Strand. Couldn’t ask for anything more

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