My Rounds

Andrea came out on the course with us on Wednesday. I shot 86 with another 8 on Trib #9 and two 5s on par threes, so the round could’ve been better. But, I always enjoy it when Andrea comes out on the course with me. I hope one day she starts playing, but its nice to have her on the cart and actually see that the hard work and obsessive practice has actually paid off. Just hitting a few great, flushed irons and a could nice drives, is all I need. And on Wednesday, that certainly happened. Its fun playing with Debbie, too. Her game has come a long way and she’s always fun to play with.

My expectations were high after the 78. I don’t think thats surprising at all, but its certainly dangerous. That said, I think I kept it together well all things considered. I was even par through #4 with a birdie. But dammit!! Trib #9 got me again. Another 8. This time, a par would give me a 39 on the front. Another hybrid off the tee, this time much worse. I came up on it and sent a little worm burner into the crap in front of me. Found it, but couldn’t play it. Took a drop. Put my next shot into the crop right, another terrible hybrid. Then a couple irons, a couple putts and an 8.

Spanked my new RBZ fairway wood on #1 right down the middle, hit a great approach shot and 3-putted. But at least I’d moved on. Hit some more solid irons but my putter started failing me. All in all, it was a blast, even with some disappointments.

Awful day on Thursday playing with the Men’s League. Just terrible. I felt so tired and stiff in the morning. We had just finished the round the night before and this was round 5 in 5 days. I let that get to my head.

But my swing faults were showing themselves and I hadn’t realized it at that point. I wouldn’t realize it until I worked with Corey the next day. But I was having all kinds of issues. Topping shots, slicing shots, hooking shots, hitting fat shots. No consistency. No common miss. It was infuriating.

I shot a 97 and with the exception of one hole, I either parred or +2 or greater on every hole. My card was either black or blue. I still hit 8 GIRs. With the exception of one hole, if I hit the GIR, I parred the hole. But I had 6 penalties, 5 sand shots and had 10 holes with double or worse. It was a very bad round. I would learn why the next day.


Storm blew through but didn't last

This storm blew through in 15 mins. Wednesday. It was kinda fun huddled under the cart

#8 Trib

This pic looks familiar. The fairways on number eight Tributary are unreal.

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