I’m still not 100% and probably shouldn’t be hitting, but I had time to kill this afternoon. I wanted to try the RBZ fairway and Razr Fit. Obviously I’m thinking Razr Fit. But I also just wanted to see if my visualizing worked to keep my right leg/hip/foot more stable and on the ground during the swing.

I was pleasantly surprised. Really solid shots and balance after impact. I think it’s working.

I also like the RBZ Tour S 3W. 10 yards longer than the others I tested today with a few shots at 260y. Easy swings with a slight fade to straight and even some draws.

Also tried the Anser irons, 7i. 172-174y and felt amazing. Hit the Razr X 6i 199 w/ 192 carry.

Discounting for the indoor simulator which always will be a bit long, the contact and balance was the most important piece today. I haven’t hit balls in a month but I was able to pick right back up where I left off.

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