I just wanted to jot down a quick note about this app because its about to transform the way I analyze my golf swing. Until now, I was using V1 Golf, an awesome app for iOS, and I’ve also been using SwingReader. Both are great for being able to add plane lines, check angles and control slow motion video of your swing …. at 30 FPS.

30 is great and all I needed, until I found SloPro. With the iPhone 4S, it captures true 60 FPS video and the playback is like butter. With this app, I’m able to see things about my swing that I haven’t seen before. Doubling the frame count really does matter! And if I want to, I can crank up the Slo Mo, to 500FPS or even 1000 FPS, which a few optical tricks of course. But even at 60 FPS, I’ll be able to look at my swing, especially key areas such as transition, with a new lens. Unfortunately, the hardware on the iPad just isnt there yet to truly harness this app, but it still works just with a little more trickery.

You can check it out here: SloPro – 60fps Slow Motion Video

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